Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training 2016


Welcome to Dr. Theodore Hoch’s Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training Course.  This course has been developed around the Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training curricuum outline published by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.  Training is presented in a series of videos, ranging from 15 – 35 minutes in duration.  Most are 25 minutes long.  After each video, there are several quiz questions.  There will be 100 quiz questions in total.  You must correctly answer at least 80 quiz questions in order to satisfactorily complete this course.

You may work on this course at your own pace, completing as many or as few modules at one time as you like.  You must complete all of the modules, though, to complete the course.

I hope you enjoy this training, and find it helpful.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

   This course offers 8 BACB Type II ACE Hours


Course Batches

Course Curriculum

Purpose of Supervision
Purpose of Supervision Transcript 00:00:00
Welcome! 00:30:00
Purpose of Supervision – Quiz 1 00:15:00
Ethics, Professional Skills and More! 00:30:00
Purpose of Supervision – Quiz 2 00:15:00
Important Features of Supervision
Important Features of Supervision – Transcript 00:00:00
Performance Expectations 00:32:00
Important Features of Supervision – Quiz 1 00:15:00
Performance Standards 00:21:00
Important Features of Supervision – Quiz 2 00:15:00
The Supervision Contract 00:14:00
Important Features of Supervision – Quiz 3 00:15:00
Assessing Supervisee Skills and Behavioral Skills Training 00:24:00
Important Features of Supervision – Quiz 4 00:15:00
Schedule it, Do it, and Document it! 00:32:00
Important Features of Supervision – Quiz 5 00:15:00
Behavioral Skills Training
Behavioral Skills Training – Transcript 00:00:00
Behavioral Skills Training for your Supervisee 00:23:00
Behavioral Skills Training – Quiz 1 00:05:00
Behavioral Skills Training Resources and Case Conceptualization 00:28:00
Behavioral Skills Training – Quiz 2 00:15:00
Performance Feedback
Performance Feedback – Transcript 00:00:00
Performance Feedback: You Got It! 00:21:00
Corrective Feedback 00:21:00
Written, Video, Formal, and Informal Feedback 00:12:00
Performance Feedback – Quiz 00:15:00
Evaluating Effects of Supervision
Evaluating Effects of Supervision – Transcript 00:00:00
Effects of Supervision: How do we figure out how we did? 00:25:00
Evaluating Effects of Supervision – Quiz 1 00:15:00
Social Validity and Staff Performance 00:21:00
Evaluating Supervisory Behavior 00:10:00
Evaluating Effects of Supervision – Quiz 2 00:15:00
Ongoing Professional Development
Ongoing Professional Development – Transcript 00:00:00
Ongoing Professional Development: Yours 00:28:00
Ongoing Professional Development: Your Supervisee’s 00:16:00
Ongoing Professional Development – Quiz 00:15:00
Additional Materials
BCBA 2016 – Resource Downloads 00:00:00

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