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Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training 2016


Welcome to Dr. Theodore Hoch’s Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training Course.  This course has been developed around the Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training curricuum outline published by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.  Training is presented in a series of videos, ranging from 15 – 35 minutes in duration.  Most are 25 minutes long.  After each video, there are several quiz questions.  There will be 100 quiz questions in total.  You must correctly answer at least 80 quiz questions in order to satisfactorily complete this course.

You may work on this course at your own pace, completing as many or as few modules at one time as you like.  You must complete all of the modules, though, to complete the course.

I hope you enjoy this training, and find it helpful.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

   This course offers 8 BACB Type II ACE Hours


Course Curriculum

Purpose of Supervision
Purpose of Supervision Transcript 00:00:00
Welcome! 00:30:00
Purpose of Supervision – Quiz 1 00:15:00
Ethics, Professional Skills and More! 00:30:00
Purpose of Supervision – Quiz 2 00:15:00
Important Features of Supervision
Important Features of Supervision – Transcript 00:00:00
Performance Expectations 00:32:00
Important Features of Supervision – Quiz 1 00:15:00
Performance Standards 00:21:00
Important Features of Supervision – Quiz 2 00:15:00
The Supervision Contract 00:14:00
Important Features of Supervision – Quiz 3 00:15:00
Assessing Supervisee Skills and Behavioral Skills Training 00:24:00
Important Features of Supervision – Quiz 4 00:15:00
Schedule it, Do it, and Document it! 00:32:00
Important Features of Supervision – Quiz 5 00:15:00
Behavioral Skills Training
Behavioral Skills Training – Transcript 00:00:00
Behavioral Skills Training for your Supervisee 00:23:00
Behavioral Skills Training – Quiz 1 00:05:00
Behavioral Skills Training Resources and Case Conceptualization 00:28:00
Behavioral Skills Training – Quiz 2 00:15:00
Performance Feedback
Performance Feedback – Transcript 00:00:00
Performance Feedback: You Got It! 00:21:00
Corrective Feedback 00:21:00
Written, Video, Formal, and Informal Feedback 00:12:00
Performance Feedback – Quiz 00:15:00
Evaluating Effects of Supervision
Evaluating Effects of Supervision – Transcript 00:00:00
Effects of Supervision: How do we figure out how we did? 00:25:00
Evaluating Effects of Supervision – Quiz 1 00:15:00
Social Validity and Staff Performance 00:21:00
Evaluating Supervisory Behavior 00:10:00
Evaluating Effects of Supervision – Quiz 2 00:15:00
Ongoing Professional Development
Ongoing Professional Development – Transcript 00:00:00
Ongoing Professional Development: Yours 00:28:00
Ongoing Professional Development: Your Supervisee’s 00:16:00
Ongoing Professional Development – Quiz 00:15:00
Additional Materials
BCBA 2016 – Resource Downloads 00:00:00

Course Reviews


65 ratings
  • 5 stars33
  • 4 stars26
  • 3 stars5
  • 2 stars1
  • 1 stars0
  1. Instructional Design


    I would have liked to see more instructional design principles from behavior analysis utilized, rather than lecture and quiz format.

  2. Great Course


    This was the perfect format for me and I loved the resources available as well as explanations on a few of the questions I got incorrect!

  3. Excellent!


    Very clear and easy to understand

  4. Great Course


    Thanks for a great Supervision Course. I was happy to see that I had already read many of the recommended books in my Behavior Analyst Program at VCU. This course was very informative with much new information and a wonderful review of concepts learned in my coursework. This will help me as I move from teaching as a career to working as a Behavior Analyst.

  5. Supervisor training


    That was very helpful training. I loved the resources that Dr. Hoch recommended.

  6. Detailed and informative, good prep for a new supervisor


    Course content is logically presented and guides you step by step through the compliance code and the supervisor training curriculum outline. Practice examples are given throughout. Excellent further reading resources are recommended. I especially liked that the course is broken up into modules no longer than 35 minutes and so it was possible to dip in and out of the training at a time that suits. I was able to do a bit of background reading between topic areas, gaining added benefit.
    Areas where things could improve for me – the slides and resources are available at the end of the course, but you have to do the course to open this folder. Some of the lectures involved direct reading of lists from word heavy slides.

  7. Helpful Resources


    Dr. Hoch provided a thorough training on providing ethical BCBA supervision. I was glad to receive his recommendation on reading material that is accessible to intro-behavior analysts as well as consumers.

  8. Fine too much advertisement of same books


    You are repeatedly encouraged to purchase the same books/resources. Most information can just be gained through reading the mateirals provided by BACB website

  9. supervision training


    This was very comprehensive.

  10. good for self pacing


    Good course, lots of resources given, I liked being able to complete at my own pace. having the transcript and powerpoint was also good, thanks!

  11. Behavior Analysis Training


    Enjoyed the course. I particularly appreciate the resources Dr. Hoch talked about such as books, organizations, and websites.

  12. Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training Made Easy


    I am a new BCBA and will be supervising RBT’s. This was a great course to take to refresh my memory on different things I need and how to supervise properly. Many great sources were listed.

  13. design of the course


    I’d like to see how an experienced supervisor actually conduct a supervision session- some sample sessions in different settings. It could be a video showing interactions between a supervisor, a supervisee, and clients relating to some relevant supervision standards. Videos do not have to be newly created. A link can be made to an existing one from the online resources introduced by the instructor. I also want to see a sample checklist (based on the Task lists) to be used in the evaluation of supervisee’s performance. May be a sample portfolio would be helpful too. This course is well organized and valid but it needs to improve in its social validity features. I have completed it but am not so much confident yet. SSN

  14. Behavior Analysis Superivsor Training


    Well organized, lots of good practical information. Appreciated the transcripts for each section as well as all the downloads

  15. Excellent experience


    A colleague recommended this course and taking her advice was a great decision.

    I am located in Brazil and due to the fact that we are only 2 BCBAs here at the moment, there are not many opportunities for continuing education.

    The course format gave me the time and space flexibility Ineeded, and the content was laid out didactically, so that there was no problem following it.

  16. 3

    Great resources, a bit repetitive, and some of the modules at the end had low sound quality. Overall a good experience.

  17. Training Venue is the way to go!


    Very thorough! Having the transcript was super helpful!

  18. Great course for the cost!!


    Great course!! Easy to move through & great resources at the end!! Would highly recommend (esp. with the cost!!)

  19. Good overview of important elements of supervision


    Some repetition within modules but overall well put together and lots of information that is important to anyone planning to act as a Supervisor



    Great program. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a quality program at a fair price. I love that it shows your percentage of completion! Highly reinforcing! Thank you, Dr. Hoch!!

  21. Thorough training


    I really enjoyed the way that this training was designed. It was helpful to be able to go at our own pace and also appreciated the available resources provided.

  22. Convenient!


    I liked being able to work at my own pace.

  23. Great training


    Very informative. Thank you.

  24. Good Course


    Good content and covered the material; the case examples given were excellent – would like to see more of them; will refer to this material as I supervise; great tools

  25. Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training 2016


    A little to wordy Repeated a lot in Could have been condensed.

  26. Supervision


    Excellent Course, esp. helpful for those living in the state of Virginia as it references the Virginia Board of Medicine’s regulations frequently.

  27. BACB Supervision Training - helpful


    Great delivery, good information and resources.

  28. Informational


    Gave me all the information I need to know and reminded me areas I need to touch up on before I start supervising. I like I how the transcripts are provided. I plan on accessing regularly as I begin supervising.

  29. Motivating


    This was exactly what I hoped it would be. The information was delivered in a manner that was understandable and as as long as you actually read the transcripts (or watched the videos) the quizzes were simple.

  30. Great Easy Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training Module


    Useful information with lots of great resources. Simple quizzes and easily doable.

  31. Great Course


    Teaches all necessary material at you own pace. Enjoyed taking the training!

  32. Great Information!


    The transcript is very handy. I was able to use the transcript for notes!

  33. Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training 2016


    Very helpful.

  34. 8-hour supervision


    The course was very detailed. A bit repetitive, but thorough and detailed.

  35. Supervision Course


    The course provided helpful information with lots of resources!

  36. Great training!


    This training is great for those who wish to complete their supervision training at their own pace. The quizzes were very applicable to the information provided in the lectures. Would recommend!

  37. Easy to complete in chunks rather than sit in an 8-hour workshop. Nice resources as well.

  38. Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training


    Very thorough training on all aspects of supervision. I appreciated the numerous resources Dr. Hoch explained and recommended. This training was very valuable to me!

  39. Great Supervision Course


    Everything you need presented in an easy understandable way.

  40. Clear, thorough course


    This course was clear and thorough. Well done!

  41. Great and affordable course.


    There were some technical difficulties throughout the course for me which were resolved in minutes so if you do have any problems the support team is awesome. As for the course content, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot and loved the downloadable documents that came along with it. I am recommending this to anyone who has to still take it.

  42. Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training


    I really liked having the transcript there to read. I would have liked to have the powerpoint slides prior to the end of the sections to use and take notes on instead of taking notes in a separate notebook. Very easy to follow, very informative, very enjoyable.

  43. 4

    Relevant and easy to learn from format.

  44. behavior analysis supervisor training


    This was a great course that I could work at my own pace. I love all of the recommended readings that Dr. Hoch made. This will help me at my current work place. Thanks!

  45. Good Overall


    I like that you can work at your own pace, he provides resources throughout and resources to download. At times, the website would freeze and I wouldn’t be able to finish the video, so this was frustrating. Overall, still good quality in terms of the material covered.

  46. Review


    I really liked the format and found the resources recommended valuable.

  47. excellent course


    great information and useful tools!

  48. Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training 2016


    I really enjoyed the pace of the course, very relaxed. The reference materials were fantastic and will be used often.

  49. Supervisor Training


    very convenient. i like it

  50. good course


    Overall, I enjoyed this course. While there were some typos in the quizzes and the instructor talked in circles occasionally, the content was helpful and presented in a way that was easy to understand. I would recommend this online course to other professionals in the field.

  51. Enjoyed


    I enjoyed that fact that it was paced. Was also good for the money. A lot of reference material. Maybe a few more examples but I guess that’s what the independent supervision is all about. Overall, I am happy with the course. Thanks Dr Hoch and I will look out for you at conferences (when I do attend).

  52. Excellent Course


    Easy to follow and understand. Seemed applicable to real life.

  53. 5

    Good Course, a bit of technical issues, but great overall

  54. 5

    This course was excellent! The self-pacing of the modules really worked for me. I will definitely use the additional downloads and found the recommended supplementary texts useful.

  55. Five Stars


    This was a great course! Glad I took it!

  56. Does the job, but nothing to write home about.


    Definitely bearable. Unfortunately, there is no option to adjust your place in a video. However, you can skip videos altogether. This was a bit odd and very annoying.

  57. Excellent


    The transcripts are very helpful and the modules were designed to go at my own pace- loved it!

  58. Great course!


    I found this course very informative and easy to understand

  59. Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training


    Very good, concise training!

  60. Great training!


    Dr. Hoch provided excellent training modules. Everything was clear and was discussed in depth. Thank you!

  61. Behavior Analysis Supervision training


    Very thorough and comprehensive. I appreciated the references and resources.

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