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Optimal Performance Advantage: Revenue Generation

ao Strategies Optimal Performance Advantage Consulting Series offers its newest course, Revenue Generation, to disability nonprofits. This innovative approach to successful revenue generation is designed to support consolidation of key development information and materials, provide assessments of quality of documents that are reviewed by potential funders, identify potential funders, assess existing proposals and create new proposals, and provide mentoring on strategic advancement in nurturing strong relationships with funders. This course is offered in subscription form for a twelve month period. Up to four people per organization may join this course.

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    Course Curriculum

    Step 1: Organizational Documentation
    Organizational Documentation 2 weeks
    This area is where you upload key organizational information, such as Board lists, 990's. IRS determination letter, audited budgets and current organizational budgets, so that ao can review and help you to prepare them to optimal professional quality.
    Step 2: Organization Assessment Proposal
    Organizational Assessment Proposal 2 weeks
    Step 2: Organization Assessment Proposal This area will host assessments of your organization that relates to revenue generation activities. We'll ask you to reflect on strengths and needs of your organization and its capacity to grow to inform revenue generation strategies. These assessments are internal and ao will make recommendations based on your findings of how to strategically move forward with revenue generation activities.
    Step 3: Revenue Generation Proposals
    Revenue Generation Proposals 2 weeks
    Here is where the work on actual proposals happens. You load up your proposals and we will review, make suggestions, help create new proposals, and all of the working versions are stored here for easy organized use and retrieval.
    Step 4: Identify Potential Funders
    Identify Potential Funders 2 weeks
    Step 4: Identify Potential Funders Your organization's potential funders will be stored here in excel format. This is a working document that lives and changes over time. We will help you to identify potential funders based on the needs of your organization and funder interest.
    Step 5: Approach Strategies
    Approach Strategies 2 weeks
    Step 5: Approach Strategies ao will mentor you and your team on approach strategies. Each approach will be unique to the funder. We do not reach out to funders on your behalf - we support you and guide you to when, how, how often, and for what reason you reach out to funders to establish a warm, healthy and successful relationship.
    Step 6: Ongoing Mentoring
    Ongoing Mentoring 1 year
    Step 6: Ongoing Mentoring ao is here to provide you and your organization with customized consulting to help you advance your mission. During the time of this course, you will have access to our team that includes emails and telephone calls up to ten hours per month.
    Information and Resources Just for You
    Information and Resources Just for You 1 year
    Your organization is the only one like it on the planet. Your challenges and assets are unique and this demands flexibility on our part to make sure that you have vital information when you need it. This section will hold "drip-feed" information, such as articles, book resources, contacts in the field, and research findings for you to use and share among your team that is specific to the issues you are facing.

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