(DSP-U) Direct Support Professional - Universal

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The Principles of Direct Support (PDS) Universal is a multi-faceted curriculum with an emphasis on supporting Aging Adults and people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities. This course moves away from an outdated way of thinking that center around a person’s deficits and pathology. Instead, PDS-Universal focuses on the importance of developing a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

This comprehensive curriculum emphasizes the principles of Universal Enhancement, Social Role Valorization, Positive Behavior Support and Person-Centered Practices. It includes classes on Person Centered Practices, Professionalism and Ethics, Empowerment and Advocacy, and Aging and Health. These, along with twelve other modules, provide a holistic and integrated approach to support. The curriculum is presented by Subject Matter Experts and other professionals who have actually done the work, allowing them to deliver the information in terms of practical application. The lessons provided in this course outline a series of behaviors a Direct Support Professional (DSP) can implement on a day to day basis and are designed to enhance the quality of life of the people they support. Following course completion, the learner will have gained the knowledge, tools, and most importantly, learned the new behaviors necessary to assist people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Aging Adults in living a life full of meaning and value.

ALL MODULES BELOW ARE REQUIRED BEFORE TAKING THE CHALLENGE TEST and meets the requirements for Level 1 Fundamentals, Level 2 Developmental Disabilities and Level 2 Aging and Physical Disabilities within Arizona's Direct Care Worker (DCW) program.