Autism Movement Therapy

Autism Movement Therapy
5.0 (3)
AMT literally awakens the brain by introducing a structured and fun form of therapy through music, dance and improvisation.
Autism Movement Therapy® AMT, the first therapy method designed for individuals with autism that combines movement and music, is proving to be one of the most effective ways of stimulating communication between the four lobes of the brain to increase overall cognitive processing. AMT literally awakens the brain by introducing a structured and fun form of therapy through music, dance and improvisation. This 4 unit course is offered as a Level I Certification with an AMT Certificate at completion. Developed by Joanne Lara, M.A., Autism Movement Therapy combines a structured program of movement and music, connecting the lobes of the brain for a “whole brain” cognitive re-mapping approach that significantly increases concentration, focus, social interaction and sensory integration. AMT is a natural strategy for individuals with autism with limited speech and language communication skills, allowing for self expression through music and dance while simultaneously experiencing the thrill and joy of moving their bodies and developing a sense of self-determination and independence. “Programs like Joanne’s Autism Movement Therapy offer opportunities for our kids to develop the necessary and fundamental skills that benefit all our kids. Art saved my life!” – Temple Grandin, PhD

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1
AMT Level 1 Introduction
9m 30s
Lesson 2
AMT Unit 1 Video Presentation
12m 27s
Lesson 3
AMT Unit 1 Powerpoint Presentation
8m 34s
Lesson 4
AMT Unit 1 Required Reading and Quiz
Lesson 5
AMT Unit 2 Video Presentation
14m 23s
Lesson 6
AMT Unit 2 Powerpoint Presentation
10m 36s
Lesson 7
AMT Unit 2 Required Reading and Quiz
Lesson 8
AMT Unit 3 Video Presentation
9m 54s
Lesson 9
AMT Unit 3 Required Reading and Quiz
Lesson 10
AMT Unit 4 Video Presentation
12m 12s
Lesson 11
AMT Unit 4 Positive Behavior Support
11m 54s
Lesson 12
AMT Unit 4 Required Reading and Quiz


Joanne Lara
Joanne is currently a core adjunct professor at National University in Los Angeles and helped to design the Autism Certificate Program.


5.0 (3)
Izabella D
Autism Movement Therapy
Sep 3, 2021
Best and most efficient way to learn about Autism Movement Therapy!!!
April S
AMT Course
Jun 19, 2019
Excellent course! Loved the videos & being able to see the warm up and all the movement classes.
Lauren W
Very Informational and detailed
May 2, 2019
I really enjoyed this course. It was very easy to follow, informational, to the point, and detailed in the right areas. This course would be good for ANYONE in a caretaker position of someone with autism. I cannot wait to apply this method in my four year old daughters life, and hopefully many other children!