Evaluation and Observation

Practical Training Solutions
4.9 (9)
DCW Level 1 Fundamentals DCW Level 2 Developmental Disabilities Direct Support Professional CMS Core Competency
This module is required within the Principles and Practices of Direct Support curriculum
In the module we will discuss the importance of observing changes in a person behavior and routines as often times these events communicate serious unmet needs.

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Observing Changes
1m 40s
Lesson 3
Documenting and Reporting
2m 32s


Chris Garcia
Senior Instructor at Practical Training Solutions and AZ DDD Lead Instructor - Chandler Arizona
Estela Hunt
Instructor - Washington DC Area


4.9 (9)
Marthe G
Evaluation and observation
Sep 11, 2021
Hi thank you for this great training very educational.
Paullette M
Evaluation and Observation
Sep 8, 2021
I enjoyed this course
Linda T
Dec 22, 2020
I agree that more observation is the key to helping others
Norma H
Evaluation and Observation
Nov 15, 2020
Good information
Bria T
Nov 9, 2020
No problems
Isabel A
evaluation & observation
Oct 10, 2020
I learned how to observe changes and the importance of it.
Mark B
Aug 12, 2020
Relevant toward data collection protocols
Radonna B
Evaluation and Observation
Jun 26, 2020
Vital Information!
Amanda G
easy to understand
Feb 26, 2019
it was east to understand. Quick and to the point