Cultural Competency

Practical Training Solutions
4.4 (7)
DCW Level 1 Fundamentals DCW Level 2 Developmental Disabilities Direct Support Professional CMS Core Competency
This module is required within the Principles and Practices of Direct Support Curriculum
This course provides learners with a brief introduction to cultural differences and ways to view diversity as a strength as we all pursue a common goal, of breaking down the barriers that separate "us" from "them."

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Defining Cultural Competence
1m 22s
Lesson 3
Preferences and Culture
2m 45s
Lesson 4
Communication and Possible Cultural Barriers
2m 14s


Chris Garcia
Senior Instructor at Practical Training Solutions and AZ DDD Lead Instructor - Chandler Arizona


4.4 (7)
Amanda G
So Important!
Mar 15, 2019
It's so important that we take the time to understand culture so that we can respect someone we supports culture.
Erik G
Great concise information
Oct 22, 2019
I really enjoyed the detail and emphasis on diversity as my family we have 3 cultures present in our home
Michael B
Good class
Nov 24, 2019
This class reminded me to stay culturally aware
Diana B
Good information
Nov 24, 2019
Good information
Kelly G
Exact in the info
Jan 1, 2020
This presenter has exactness in his explaination of cultural
Shunta D
May 15, 2020
I would have liked it to be a little longer providing just a little more detail in being culturally diverse. The examples used were helpful.
Mark B
Aug 12, 2020
Very relevant