Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training 2018 Edition

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4.7 (20)
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Welcome to Dr. Theodore Hoch’s Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training 2018 Edition. This course has been developed around the Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training curriculum outline published by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Training is presented in a series of videos, ranging from 15 – 35 minutes in duration. Most are 25 minutes long. After each video, there are several quiz questions. There will be 100 quiz questions in total. You must correctly answer at least 80 quiz questions in order to satisfactorily complete this course.

You may work on this course at your own pace, completing as many or as few modules at one time as you like. You must complete all of the modules, though, to complete the course.

I hope you enjoy this training, and find it helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

8 BACB Type II ACE hours are awarded at the completion of this course.

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1
25m 45s
Lesson 2
Ethics, Professional Skills and More!
24m 43s
Lesson 3
Performance Expectations
30m 58s
Lesson 4
Performance Standards
21m 46s
Lesson 5
The Supervision Contract
13m 35s
Lesson 6
Assessing Supervisee Skills and Behavioral Skills Training
18m 1s
Lesson 7
Schedule it, Do it, and Document it!
38m 43s
Lesson 8
Behavioral Skills Training for Your Supervisee
22m 41s
Lesson 9
Behavioral Skills Training Resources and Case Conceptualization
27m 1s
Lesson 10
Performance Feedback: You Got It!
21m 1s
Lesson 11
Corrective Feedback
21m 10s
Lesson 12
Written, Video, Formal, and Informal Feedback
12m 54s
Lesson 13
Effects of Supervision: How do we figure out how we did?
24m 5s
Lesson 14
Social Validity and Staff Performance
21m 23s
Lesson 15
Evaluating Supervisory Behavior
10m 45s
Lesson 16
Ongoing Professional Development: Your’s
24m 21s
Lesson 17
Ongoing Professional Development: Your Supervisee’s
16m 49s
Lesson 18
New Developments 2018
23m 4s


Theodore Hoch, Ed.D, B.C.B.A - D, L.B.A.


4.7 (20)
Gusty-Lee B
Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training 2018 Edition
Oct 17, 2018
This was a great course! The presenter is interesting and uses a lot of good examples. Highly recommend it.
Christine H
Behavior Analysis Supervisor Training 2018 Edition
Oct 19, 2018
A concise and excellent overview for all wanting to supervise.
Mariela C
8 Hour supervision training course
Oct 24, 2018
The course was great and very informative
Raimundo T
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Oct 29, 2018
Two of the quizzes were the most difficult: The one related to Supervision Standards, and the last one, New Developments 2018. Made me sweat and I had to retake them several times, including repeating the video. On the bright side, those trainings helped me to learn things new for me and will assist me on practicing what I learned. The training was excellent. Thank you very much, Dr. Hoch
Hector B
Jan 6, 2019
Excellent review of all aspects of supervision including ethics and ABA Board.
David M
Jan 16, 2019
overall good course. The board needs to get its act together and stop being cler as mud.
Tabitha T
Behavioral Analysis Supervisor Training
Jan 25, 2019
Excellent and thorough training. Very informative.
Maria B
Feb 3, 2019
Amy F
Great course!
Feb 18, 2019
Suggestions made were practical and able to be immediately implemented with supervisees. Concise summary of upcoming changes. Would definitely recommend!
John V
Good content
Feb 26, 2019
Good content
Yumi E
Behavior analysis
Mar 2, 2019
Libbey R
Got the job done.
Mar 12, 2019
Lots of good information, but some of it was definitely a no brainer. I feel like BCBAs should know that their staff operate with behavioral contingencies, and we need to be aware of them. There were numerous spelling and grammar mistakes throughout the oral and written materials. I do greatly appreciate the resources mentioned, though the first three times he mentioned purchasing the Bailey and Burch or Dr. Daniels books were plenty and did not need to be repeated as many times as it was.
Nidia C
Mar 15, 2019
This course was very instuctive and I recommended it
Erika L
Very thorough
Mar 23, 2019
The course was easy to follow and very thorough
Sherry W
Informative but Limited in it's offers
Mar 28, 2019
The videos are informative but make sure you download the course files because once you finish the content, you can no longer access the videos or files. The modules do not provide CEU's for individuals who finish the modules unlike other programs that cost more but you get a good chunk of CEU's for supervision. The quizzes are short which isn't terrible. The content in which Dr. Hoch talks about licensure is mainly based in VA but encourages you to look into your own state and inquire about it. There were information that seems pertinent to supervision and he says he will dive into it further but doesn't really. The videos are easy to follow and it's provided in a way that gives you creativity into how you might perform supervision for your supervisee.
Brianna W
Apr 1, 2019
This was a great training and helped me with many resources as a new BCBA and to be fully prepared to supervise! Thank you!
Timiza F
Supervisor Training
Apr 29, 2019
Excellent course with valuable and applicable information for the field.
Yarina L
Jun 19, 2019
Aug 18, 2019
Good training!
faige h
Aug 19, 2019