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Ken Whelan and Associates, LLC.
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Summer 2019 Presentation Opportunity
In Person Class
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In a relaxed, fun and interactive environment, attendees will be engaged in:

1. An opportunity for you to calibrate your organizations approach to QA/QI.

2. A presentation regarding the current (and future) QA/QI practices of your funding sources.

3. A discussion on how we may want to challenge the traditional quality assurance mindset and influences we may be beholden to.

4. A discussion regarding the diversity of your stakeholders and how their QA/QI optics should influence your QA/QI approach.

5. Potential changes from AHCCCS and DDD related to QA/QI oversight of network providers.

6. How QA/QI may look if Long Term Care Services are administered under an integrated model.


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Ken Whelan
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